Swedish Gaming Developers and Kings of Industry

There are many games that exist in the known ether of public knowledge but the mastery behind them would draw a blank expression if you were to say the names of Mojang, Stillfront, and NetEnt.

These are big companies playing the industry flute and we are all following the leader into the greatness of gaming.

Sweden has been providing utterly dynamic gameplay for over two decades now and it is certainly not stopping any time soon.

Here we present an introduction to the masters of gaming that hails from Sweden. Those that have made many of the games you have played in your life and you may have no even realised.

Online casino domination

Not many people outside of the gambling industry will have heard of NetEnt.com. Their gaming portfolio is so impressive that if you have not heard of them, if you have ever gambled online and played online slots, then the chances are you have played a NetEnt game.

Carita Gustafsson, Editor-in-Chief of svenskaonlinecasino.info states this of the online domination of NetEnt: “The power of NetEnt has been palpable for a number of years; together with Microgaming, they effectively dragged online casino into its height of power that we see today. NetEnt was able to get large licensing deals with major Hollywood studios and make games like Aliens, Planet of the Apes and even more recent releases like Scarface and Jumanji. Their popularity is evident from the number of clicks we get on their free games that our site holds.”

The output of NetEnt was staggering compared to other industry-leading companies. They would average 2 to 3 releases per month, in total, they have developed over 500 games since 1996. Right now, they are still one of the most powerful names in the business. One can only imagine the numbers they would achieve if accessing online casinos were made a bit easier by the local government in Sweden. Nevertheless, they are still able to provide their services to the rest of the world with great ease.

Top NetEnt Tiles

1: Starburst

2: Mega Fortune

3: Divine Fortune

4: Gonzo’s Quest

5: Jack and the Beanstalk

Mobile gaming domination

Since 2009 the gaming development company named King, certainly held the crown for the best mobile gaming developer in the world. This Swedish company hit the most download chart several times, but no game was bigger or more played than Candy Crush, yes, that candy crush you’ve heard of, seen, played and obsessed over back in 2012 when it released. Their market was mobiles and Facebook, the two best places to gain traction in interest and accessibility.  The accessibility was also available across all devices, meaning that players could continue gaming across platforms without losing the progress of their gaming level.

Their marketing or business genius came with the addition of pay upgrades and on average, players would spend $24 a month to expand the gaming options. This came to a total spend of roughly 200, million dollars in the Q4 of 2014 alone!

Top King Tiles

1: Farm Heroes Saga

2: Candy Crush Jelly Saga

3: AlphaBetty Saga

4: Diamond Digger Saga

5: Pet Rescue Saga

Sweden is more than just past masters; they are the future as well

Records show that on average 1 in 10 people all across Europe, America, and Australasia have, in fact, played a Swedish game by one of the top developers.

Top Developers:

  • Mojang
  • Embracer Group
  • King
  • Stillfront
  • Paradox Interactive
  • NetEnt
  • Ubisoft Entertainment

In 2010 alone Sweden has amassed a total of 106 game studios. Today that figure stands at 442. On average the industry in Sweden makes €2.29 billion per year!

This is not the work of people that just make flatpack furniture. There is clearly a force at play that will govern and reign over the gaming industry for a very long time to come and we are the ones blessed from this fact.

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