Stronghold Crusader Extreme Ships

Indie-publisher Gamecock Media Group announced today that Firefly Studios' PC game ‘Stronghold Crusader Extreme' has shipped to North American retailers and is available via digital distribution. Combining city building with strategic medieval warfare, players can unleash havoc on enemies like never before.

"We've known the Firefly guys for a long time and have been itching to bring their latest Stronghold title out for awhile now," said Harry Miller, El Presidente of Gamecock Media Group. "This easily takes the cake when it comes to mayhem on an epic level, their whole design philosophy revolved around making a game that was just intensely fun and manic. Fans will be satisfied and newbies will be hooked."

Stronghold Crusader Extreme includes a new trail and a new map loaded with over a dozen sick-and-twisted challenges that will put any self-proclaimed experts to the test. The game's battle system has been greatly improved, including the power to summon up to 10,000 troops to your aid. There is full multiplayer support for friends to battle it out in various scenarios. Along with the new content and abilities, players will find the complete original Stronghold Crusader game to play through as well.

Stronghold Crusader Extreme is available in stores and online now for $29.99.

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