Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis Ships

Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis, the new detective adventure game for PC, is released today by Ascaron. Set in 19th century London, Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson must decipher clues and solve riddles to stop French gentleman burglar Arsène Lupin from robbing London of five immensely valuable objects.

Use Holmes' comprehensive map of London to uncover the location of the next robbery. You will need to explore in detail each famous landmark in order to track down Lupin and stop him from committing the five burglaries. Use your magnifying glass to look for suspicious objects or hidden clues and interact with surrounding characters to discover hints.

Play as Holmes, Dr. Watson and even Inspector Lestrade as you trawl the National Gallery, the British Museum and Buckingham Palace to track down the thief before he strikes. All puzzles must be approached using Holmes' impeccable power of reason to ensure that the path to Lupin's undoing is elementary"

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