Stronghold Crusader 2 Announced


Strategy fans around the world rejoice, Firefly Studios has just announced the next entry in the legendary Stronghold series with Stronghold Crusader 2. Set to march across digital battlefields in late 2013, Stronghold Crusader 2 will take legions of Stronghold fans back to the ancient deserts of the Middle East for more real-time mayhem between brutal knights and fiery Caliphs.

Firefly Studios will raise the stakes and build upon the trademark gameplay of the original Stronghold Crusader with stunning new visuals, a sleek new battle interface, and engine enhancements including effects, animations, and real-time physics. Stronghold Crusader 2 promises epic fast-paced skirmishes against fiendish AI opponents will breakout on all-new maps with new unit classes, new traps, and new castle designs unlike any seen before in the series.

‘Stronghold Crusader is our favorite game, it’s our fans’ favorite game and it’s the game we have been waiting to put into production for several long years now. Now Firefly Studios finally has that chance and we will not disappoint,’ said Simon Bradbury, CEO of Firefly Studios and Designer of Stronghold Crusader 2.

Over the past decade, the Stronghold series has sold over 6 million games under the Stronghold, Stronghold Crusader, and Stronghold Kingdom banners.

‘The original Stronghold Crusader has been a huge success since its launch ten years ago, selling over 2.5 million units and still going strong and we get constant requests for more,’ said Eric Ouellette, President of Firefly Studios.

Stronghold Crusader 2 is in development and funded by Firefly Studios themselves and the team will seek additional funds through game-focused crowd sourcing service Gambitious. Additional funding provided by Stronghold and Firefly Studios fans will go towards polish, additional content, and self-publishing the game.

‘Crowd funding is a revolution for small, independent developers like ourselves and through Gambitious we hope to supplement the development of Stronghold Crusader 2,’ said Eric. ‘With the support of our fans we can release Stronghold Crusader 2 when it’s absolutely perfect and push the game to new heights.’

More news and information on Stronghold Crusader 2 can be found at and fans can help fund the latest crusade at Follow @SHCrusaderTwo and @gambitiousinc for updates on the crowd funding campaign and updates on pre-production of Stronghold Crusader 2.


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