Strange Adventures in Space to Return

Digital Eel is very happy to announce that Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space is in production and development is well under way. The semidangerous beta version of the game is currently in the capable hands of four of the most fearless of the Fearless Testers. We’ll be working closely with the whole group over the next few months to bring Weird Worlds up to v1.0 status. Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space will be released no later than January – February of 2005!

Weird Worlds is a sequel to Strange Adventures In Infinite Space, the starship adventure game we created and released two years ago to much critical and gamer acclaim. In response to SAIS fans who wanted more stars and planets to explore, and in response to our own desires to include things we had to leave out (and new ideas we’ve thought of since then), Weird Worlds now exists and it’s bigger, prettier, more detailed and even stranger than Strange Adventures!

SAIS fans will appreciate that the core mechanics, brisk gameplay and easy one-click interface remain, however, Weird Worlds is not simply a remake of Strange Adventures In Infinite Space. While much will be familiar to SAIS players, much more will be unusual and new to everyone. The universe is expanding, as we say, both in size and in depth. New mysteries, threats, ship types, gadgets and aliens will tempt and challenge gamers, each time they play, to explore ever further, take bolder risks and create their own legends of high adventure among the stars!

To learn more about the game universe of Weird Worlds and Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, be sure to visit the SAIS website. You can also learn about SAIS combat tactics and review some of the starships and life forms encountered in both games by visiting the SAIS Galactic Guidebook pages. For specific information about Weird Worlds, watch the main Digital Eel news page for the latest Weird Worlds news updates, website launch announcements and additional release information.

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