Strange Adventures In Infinite Space Now Free

Yep, the rumors are true. Now you can get Strange Adventures in Infinite Space for PC, Mac OS X or Mac OS 9 absolutely free with no monkey business or strings attached. Just click and download and you'll be exploring Sector Prime and the Purple Void nebula in seconds.

Those of you who listen to the weekly GiN Podcast probably hear the funky music we use to begin the show and end it. That comes from the SAIS game. We would highly recommend the game to anyone, especially now that it's free!

Learn more about Strange Adventures here:

(Mods and modmaking, game background, free goodies, etc.)

Additionally, Soup du Jour, the weirdest wackiest physics-based matching game you'll ever play, is also available for free download. By the way, this is a great game for very young gamers! Of course, kids of all ages (5 – 75) will enjoy it too.

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