Spin And Win Competitions Are The Future of Entertainment

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we learned how to stay home with family and have a great time. But what happens to use that like to play at the casino and feel the slots’ passion? Is there any chance we can share the same feelings and experiences with the real casino at home? Spin and win competition remains one of the first reasons to stay home and play online slots.

They are like the traditional slots, only that they have faster gameplay and more prizes to offer. People who are used to playing online will find the ekstrapoint system a lot funnier than tokens and real money. Everyone can use their ekstrapoints to buy goods and services online. Many online stores are accepting these tokens and make it a lot easier to communicate with each other.

Players who like to chat online will also find it easier to give ekstrapoints to others. The slots have many themes and can be customized to the fullest extent. As a player, you have unlimited access to ekstrapoints. Every week a certain competition is organized among members. They need to pick their favorite game and designate their initial ekstrapoints. Then they compete with each other for the best possible performance in the slot machines.

How Does The Ekstrapoint System Work?

First of all, you don’t have to register with actual money to receive ekstrapoints. It’s an iconic currency that gets shared among members of the slot machine online casino organization. Together they all like to spend quality time and feel as if they were in a real casino. Players like to tease each other and can have a social media experience. The system announces the winner every day. All the other players can send likes and hearts to players who win the race and prepare themselves for the next round.

The actual slot machines look like the real ones. There are many winning lines to receive virtual profits, and you can progressively increase your bet. As in all slot games, you need to pair five similar symbols to become a winner. The tokens are all estimated according to your initial bet. There is also a continuous bet button where you can spin the reels for multiple times until your ekstrapoints are depleted.

It’s also important to know that every player starts the week with a certain amount of ekstrapoints. If he is a winner, he can go on to the next weeks with a positive ekstrapoints aggregate. However, if players lose their money from the first day, they need to wait for at least next week to replenish their points. The other option would be to buy some ekstrapoints with real money and let the fun go on. People from all sides of the world are competing in this ekstrapoints promotional event. The slot machines’ power is enough to offer them the chance to live their life to the fullest and still have time for their families.

Why Are Slot Machines So Popular?

Today people prefer playing slot machines rather than card games. The slot machines are a faster and more perpetual game than the cards. You don’t have to think at all or have a certain playing strategy. It’s all about being lucky and finding the right symbols’ sequence when spinning the reels. It’s also important to know that all slot machines have over 90% return to players rate. That means they can return players 90% of the money invested throughout their whole life. It doesn’t mean that the same player will get his money back after losing all the ekstrapoints; however, if the same player is the only user of the slot machine, he can claim to lose only 10% of his investment in the long run.

Another reason for slot machines to be popular is their graphics and the progressive jackpot prices they offer. If you keep pushing on a slot machine, there are chances you win the jackpot. Slot machines know their players’ limits and give them high winnings when a player dares to limit their stakes. It’s important to play all slot machines wisely and never bet more than you can afford to lose.

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