Movie Monday: Tropic Thunder

Michael Blaker
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Hey all I’m back with another Action Comedy for this week’s Movie Monday. It’s Tropic Thunder!

Plot: The plot is a parody of Hollywood action films, with the entire premise being that the actors are portraying actors in an action flick. I’m sorry if that’s confusing, but it really is the quickest way to explain the story of this movie. It’s a look at some of the very nasty parts of Hollywood, by lacing it with humor and ridiculousness.

Casting: Stiller portrays the lead character Tugg Speedman, and does a pretty great job of portraying the fading action movie star. The rest of the cast is just as star studded, with Downey Jr, Jack Black, Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey, and many others. Honestly the casting was great for this movie.

Cinematography: For a film parodying filming an action movie, they did an amazing job, with tons of special effects and all sorts of crazy action shots that you’d expect in any summer blockbuster film.

Music: The music was fitting, but honestly I was more focused on the characters and the humor.

Overall: A very funny movie that is now a classic.

For those who like: Parodies, Action Films, Amazing Cast, Great Visual Effects.

Not for those who don’t like: Any of the above.

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