Sleeping Dogs Announces All-Star Cast

Square Enix London Studios, a part of Square Enix Europe, today revealed the cast list for its hotly anticipated open world cop drama, Sleeping Dogs, set for release from 14th August 2012. A line-up of both Hollywood and Hong Kong cinema stars were enlisted to help the game capture the tone of Hong Kong cinema.

‘Sleeping Dogs features over two hours of rich dialogue in a story inspired by some of Hong Kong’s finest films,’ said Stephen van der Mescht, executive producer at United Front Games. ‘As huge fans of the genre we knew exactly who we wanted; we knew who could bring the script to life. The end result is fantastic.’

Sleeping Dogs features the voice talent of Will Yun Lee (Die Another Day, Total Recall) as Wei Shen, an officer sent deep undercover into one of Hong Kong’s most feared Triad gangs, the Sun On Yee. Aided by police inspector Pendrew (Tom Wilkinson – Batman Begins, The Full Monty), Wei earns the trust of his childhood friend, Jackie Mah (Edison Chen – Infernal Affairs I/II, The Dark Knight). Wei becomes one of the most-trusted lieutenants of ‘Red Pole’ Winston Chu (Parry Shen – Better Luck Tomorrow, The New Guy), slowly becoming ingrained in the criminal underworld and becoming one of the very men he was sent to bring down.

With a supporting cast including Emma Stone (The Amazing Spider-Man, Zombieland), Robin Shou (Hard to Kill, Fatal Chase), Terence Yin (New Police Story, Colour of the Truth), James Hong (Blade Runner, The Day the Earth Stood Still), Lucy Liu (Kill Bill: Vol. 1, The Man with the Iron Fists), Tzi-Ma (Rush Hour, The Quiet American), Yunjin Kim (Lost, Diary of June) and Kelly Hu (Martial Law, X2), Sleeping Dogs’ gritty plot is brought to life by a star studded cast of Asian and Western cinema stars.

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