Ourfrig Development Begins Kickstarter Program

OURFRIG is a new 3D adventure game realized by the new indie team called A and B and S and A with Lead Developer Andreas Diktyopoulos.

OURFRIG is going to be completed and released in November 2012. It shall be available for PC, MAC and iOS (possibly for Linux and Android tablets also, providing it reaches its financial target).

OURFRIG is a story driven game with distinct characters inhabiting an imaginary three ‘ dimensional invented environment which runs through daytime and nighttime. The user embodies an enigmatic figure whose adventure begins in a mystical monk’s society. As the story evolves, the user becomes witness to the everlasting battle between good and evil and leads the game’s hero to fulfill of his destiny’

It features graphics based on original ideas, original music, 3rd person camera, in-game cinematics, real-time animated action, cut-scene videos and voice-over.

More Information at www.ourfirg.com

This project is currently at the working prototype stage. It has been submitted and has been approved for ‘all or nothing’ crowd funding from the well-known crowd-funding platform Kickstarter http://kck.st/N1sW3S. The projects which are launched into this ‘all or nothing’ platform are supported and funded by friends, fans or the public, in other words they rely on crowdfunding. The funding can start from as little as $1 up to any sum (until the 4th of August) and it involves the corresponding reciprocal benefits that may include anything from obtaining the game itself ($10) to prospect of the actual supporter being introduced as a character in the game.

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