Secret World Director Laments Pending End of Days

On December 21st at 11:11 UTC the world is coming to an end. Apocalypse. The last goodbye. The final curtain call. Whether you believe in it or not, there is one man who does: Joel Bylos, Game Director on ‘The Secret World’ and now self-professed 2012 doomsday prophet.

Mr. Bylos ‘ known primarily as the happy-go-lucky Australian who has brought much joy to hundreds of thousands of gamers through his work on ‘Age of Conan’ and ‘The Secret World’ ‘ has just released a video where he begins chronicling his final days on Earth.

According to Joel, the video is apparently the first in a series that he is putting together to bring attention to what he calls ‘the end of all things’. Don’t watch it; it’s just nonsense, really.

Especially that bit near the end where he tries to force the corporate hand to relinquish the subscription requirement.

As Joel would have said himself: You have been warned.It sounds to me like this is a clever marketing way to announce that the game is going to go free to play. Just saying. Is it more likely that they want their game to go Free To Play, or that a developer really thinks the world will end in a couple weeks? Then again, in this business, who knows.


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