Save the Dogs in The Last Friend Tower Defense Brawler

Skystone Games and Stonebot Studio are wagging their tails about the launch of The Last Friend coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on September 30th, 2021. To celebrate the news, a brand new pre-order campaign is underway which will allow a limited number of players to immortalize their own dog inside the world of The Last Friend. A special free demo of the final game – The Last Friend: First Bite – is coming soon to Steam, Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch.

In a limited run of just 400 units, the “True Frens” Edition of The Last Friend will give you the chance to work with Stonebot to bring your dog into the game. Does your pal Rex or Snowball have what it takes to be one of the many faithful four-legged compadres of our hero? The True Frens Edition is available now for just $49.99 on The Last Friend official site.

Additional packages are available in unlimited quantities: Frens Furever and My Buddies will grant the game and a few additional pre-order bonuses such as a digital soundtrack, art book, and more.

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