Running With Scissors Back with Postal 4: No Regerts

POSTAL 4: No Regerts, an over-the-top comedic first-person shooter and the next entry in Running With Scissors’ classic franchise enjoyed by millions, sets the Postal Dude and his trusty companion Champ onto Steam Early Access today.

POSTAL 4: No Regerts, powered by Unreal Engine 4, delivers what fans of POSTAL 2, fondly dubbed “The Worst Game Ever”, enjoyed most with an open-world sandbox offering a high degree of freedom, hilarious gameplay, and a ridiculous armory of weapons. Shooting everyone and everything is always an option. There is a reason POSTAL 2 was once the lightning-rod of controversy for politicians around the world.

The down-on-his-luck Postal Dude, now voiced by famous Duke Nukem actor Jon St. John, and his furry friend, Champ, drive aimlessly through the scorching deserts of Arizona in search of a new place to call home. After his car, trailer, iconic trench coat, and everything else he owns is stolen, all the Dude’s got left is Champ and his bathrobe, and neither of them smells all that great. On the horizon, the duo glimpses Edensin, a gambling town on the Mexican border ripe with untapped opportunity and perhaps the chance of winning big.

Set across five days, each morning brings new main errands and a host of side quests. Edensin has plenty of honest work available, and the Dude can make it through without hurting a living thing. But be forewarned, a day in the life of the Postal Dude rarely goes without a hitch. Even a simple request to clean crap-clogged pipes can lead to a nasty battle with sewer crocs!

Returning weapons range from the Shovel, Shotgun, Gas Can, and the famous boomerang Machete. Brandish new weapons like the AK and give them the familiar POSTAL twist with power-ups such as the classic Cat Silencer, the slow motion-inducing Catnip, and the dual-wielding Energy Drink. Set traps and unleash feathered chaos with the new Pigeon Mine. A Mop might seem like a poor choice for a fight, but when under the influence of Vitamin X, a simple twirl can deflect enemy bullets.

Pick up some dog treats to summon Champ or other canines to do the dirty work. Jump on a Mobility Scooter to zip around town. Get truly creative with the Spurt’n’Squirt water gun: Fill it with water to put out fires, gasoline to create an improvised flamethrower, or urine to shower Edensin’s residents. Speaking of which, prepare yourself for the bizarre town factions like the Wipe Militant, a Game of Thrones-obsessed cult proclaiming the virtues of toilet paper over the Mayor’s bidet obsession, and even Mariachi Luchadores who’ve secured the Mexican border against illegal American immigrants.

Running With Scissors is doing something very different this time around and releasing POSTAL 4: No Regerts in a pre-beta state on Steam’s Early Access. RWS is looking for the support and feedback from its wild community that has loyally followed them through Hell and back all of these years.

“After years of fans hounding us for a true sequel to ‘The Worst Game Ever,’ we’re ready to release a taste of what we’ve been working on, but beware, Here Be Goblins. This is a vertical slice of Monday only, and we’d love the community’s help and support,” said Vince Desi, founder of Running With Scissors. “POSTAL 4: No Regerts is the game no publisher would touch with a 9 foot dildo…believe me I lubed it up good, but no one was thirsty enough. We work for the fans, I want them to be involved from now to completion.”

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