RIDATA Announces 8.5G Storage Capacity

Advanced Media, Inc., manufacturer and marketer of the popular RIDATA brand of recordable CD and DVD media, electronic storage products, and digital media accessories, is introducing an 8x DVD+R Double Layer optical disc to its product line. With an amazing 8.5GB of storage capacity, the advanced, single-sided disc is perfect for virtually any business or household application. Shipments will begin immediately.

"Users of the RIDATA 8x DVD+R Double-Layer medium, featuring a dramatically increased speed, will enjoy fast, reliable storage with a wide range of playback options.," stated Harvey Liu, Advanced Media president. "We are pleased to first offer it to the retail industry that will be taking advantage of Spring Retail Vision."

The faster 8x speed greatly shortens the recording time of virtually any audio, video, or data file. The convenient double-layer configuration allows users to read, write, or view nearly twice the amount of data than with single-layer 4.7GB DVD discs without having to flip sides or change discs. The RIDATA dual-layer product stores up to four hours of DVD-quality video, 16 hours of VHS-quality video, or over 120 hours of MP3 audio.

Advanced Media-developed technology allows material to be either read or recorded on one layer without affecting the other layer. When data is being recorded or read, it does so continuously from the first layer to the second without interruption. Its high quality, dependable organic-dye recording material is more than capable of handling the 8x rate.

The RIDATA 8X DVD+R DL makes use of the various focuses of a laser beam to make double layers on the same side of the disc. The write power on the two layers is the same (<30mW) as is the reflectivity rate (18%~30%). When data is duplicated, it is continuously recorded from the first to the second layer without interruption. When read, the data flow is constant through the second layer.

The Advanced Media double-layer disc has been certified to be in compliance with the DVD+R Alliance, which parent company RITEK is a member of. Additionally, the new storage medium has been quality tested by a variety of burner manufacturers and software developers, all of whom have given it their stamp of approval.

The new RIDATA 8X dual-layer disc features excellent compatibility with popular DVD-based video players, game consoles, and DVD-ROM drives as well as DVD+R DL drives.

The RIDATA 8X DVD+R DL optical medium is competitively priced. Along with this new 8X DVD+R version, the RIDATA brand also includes 4X and 4X printable double-layer optical discs.

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