Quests Make Their Way To Stronghold Kingdoms

Firefly Studios, creators of the second most popular free-to-play game on Steam, have just released a new Summer Update for Stronghold Kingdoms, adding Quests and a prize-giving Quest Wheel.

Over 150 unique Quests have been added to Stronghold Kingdoms with a free Summer Update aimed at enriching the gameplay experience for low and high-level players of the popular Castle MMO. Previously limited to a single tutorial quest, the new Quests system challenges players to master all of the gameés disciplines. From gathering intelligence on neighboring Lords and clearing your parish of wolf lairs, to erecting castle walls within a time limit and even taking down The Wolf. The player will gain new quests as they rank up and complete available quests, with more difficult tasks, time limits and conditions being imposed as the easier quests are completed and cast aside. Quests can be viewed, accepted and abandoned from the Quests Screen, which is accessible in-game by clicking on the grail icon in the top menu bar. This feature is available to all players as soon as they start the game.

Also making its debut is the Quest Wheel, which awards players with prizes to use in-game, ranging from a single pack of strategy cards to a half million Gold. Spins on the Quest Wheel are earned by completing certain quests, after which they can be spent instantly or stockpiled for future use. The Quest Wheel has 5 different levels, each with its own set of riches to be won, the very best prizes only available to players ranked Duke, Duchess or higher. Tweaks have also been made to the Cards Screen, with a new sorting function making it easier for players to play card quickly and decisively.

Quests make their long-awaited debut in preparation for Stronghold Kingdomés full GM release, which promises to add another layer of polish to the game with new music and sound effects.


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