Qualcomm Adds 3D Gaming Support

QUALCOMM Incorporated,pioneer and world leader of digital wireless technology, announced significant BREW publisher and developer support for the creation of wireless 3D games optimized for the Mobile Station Modem chipsets. QUALCOMM's industry-leading MSM Enhanced Multimedia Platform chipset solutions provide support for industry-standard OpenGL® ES 3D APIs,enabling fully featured, high-performance 3D games for 3G CDMA2000 and WCDMA

In late 2005 the first MSM6550-powered phones are expected to hit the market. Advanced 3D content is also commercially available now, leveraging the capabilities of the BREW solution and the MSM6500 Multimedia Platform to deliver an unparalleled 3D gaming experience to today's wireless consumers.

Leading BREW publishers and developers that have announced their plans to support the upcoming MSM6550 chipset include: Activision, Inc., ATARI, Inc., Bandai America Inc., Capcom Entertainment Inc., Com2uS Corporation, Digital Bridges, Digital Chocolate, Eidos, Fathammer Ltd., Gameloft, HI Corp, Hudson Entertainment, Ideaworks3D, iFone, Infospace Mobile, IN-FUSIO Inc., JAMDAT, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., Machineworks Northwest LLC, MFORMA, Mobliss®, Namco America Inc., Sandcastle Games, SkyZone Entertainment, Sony Pictures Mobile, Sorrent, Inc., Square Enix, Inc., Superscape PLC, TAITO CORPORATION, Tecmo Mobile, THQ Wireless, Upstart Games and Walt Disney Internet Group.

"We are thrilled with the enthusiastic support we're receiving from BREW publishers and developers from around the world that are creating 3D games optimized for QUALCOMM's MSM6550 Enhanced Platform chipset and the BREW solution," said Mike Yuen, director of the gaming group, QUALCOMM Internet Services. "As 3D graphics capabilities combined with high-speed networks for over-the-air delivery of larger more compelling games continue to ramp up, we are seeing content quality rise to a whole new level."


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