Thrustmaster Launches USB/Ethernet PC-Console Adapter

Thrustmaster is bringing a clever device to the market that allows gamers to share their PC Internet connection with their video game console. With the USB to Ethernet adapter, you have the freedom to play your video game console online while another user surfs the Internet the same time.

The USB to Ethernet adapter is compatible with Playstation 2, PS Two, Xbox, Gamecube and PC, thus enabling users to share a single PC Internet connection with any one of the 3 major game consoles, with another PC desktop or a laptop. The adapter is designed so that it is not necessary to disconnect one system in order to connect to another.

The USB to Ethernet adapter comes with a small adapter with an Ethernet port plus a USB plug, and an RJ45 crossover Ethernet cable. Installation is simple: connect the USB plug on the adapter to your PC's USB port (the PC is connected to the Internet via a high-speed modem, usually called the "master PC"). Connect one end of the included Ethernet cable to the adapter's Ethernet port, and connect the end of the other cable to the Ethernet port on your game console. On your PC, you only need to follow the procedure for creating a shared network, in five simple steps.

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