Professional Farmer 2014 Goes To Market

German publisher UIG Entertainment today released Professional Farmer 2014, the new generation of agricultural simulator for PC.

With new content such as a detailed career mode Professional Farmer 2014 offers everything simulator fans expect. The seasons will also come into play as for the first time in a farming simulator, players will need to adapt to how nature responds at different times of year as it affects the running of their agricultural empire.

Partnering with famous brands like JOHN DEERE, Professional Farmer 2014 delivers realistic visuals and mechanics for a dynamic agricultural experience.

Professional Farmer 2014 is now available for online download (eg. at Steam) and will hit stores within the next weeks for the RRP of $19.99 for the Standard Edition and $29,99 for the Collector’s Edition. The Collectors Edition includes 7 additional machines and two additional games for download via Steam.

"Together with sales partners all around the world we are happy about this strong release" says Stefan Berger, Head of Business Development and Sales at UIG. "We are sure that the good quality of the game together with the strong partners will push the sales heavily in the coming few months".

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