Postal Goes Linux

POSTAL 2: Share The Pain will be released for Linux through the Linux Game Publishing retail channel in May 2004.

"My development guys wanted to finish animating Quentin Tarantino’s sequel to The Passion first," said former alter boy and RWS CEO Vince Desi, "but when I told `em this project was for the Linux community, they left Uma up there swingin’ in the breeze and grabbed hammer and nails and got right to work."

Founded in 2001, Linux Game Publishing was formed to help companies bring their games to market, and is partnering with a number of other companies to bring Linux both ports of games from other platform and original titles.

"Folks may kid about the Linux community, but we’re deadly serious about this version of our game," Desi said. "Linux users are intolerant of inferior product and necessarily lowered expectations, so when they play a videogame, then it damn well better be an amusing one – and POSTAL 2: Share The Pain is just such a game. No comical subreference (visual or otherwise) will ever be lost on a Linux user, so that makes this release all the more rewarding."

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