Plarium’s Vikings: War of Clans: Does Reality Match The Hype?

Getting involved in a new MMO game requires serious thought. After all, this is a subsector of the world of gaming that is likely to make your Xbox redundant for a while as it absorbs all of your attention. You need to be sure that the payoff in terms of fun and enjoyment will match your substantial time investment. One MMO offering that, on the surface, seems to tick all of the boxes needed to take the jump is the new MMO browser game from Plarium, which offers gamers the chance to strategise and develop a Viking city.

Sounds straightforward, right? Well, after playing it for ourselves, we can reveal that the real challenge lies in turning your city into one that others envy, allowing you to benchmark yourself and establish whether you are going to be able to annihilate rival cities and steal their resources, in the process avoiding letting your city be cruelly plundered by the competition.

Free-to-play MMO strategy games aren’t a new concept, so Plarium have had a real battle on their hands to make this one stand out from the crowd. Plarium have managed to achieve this by really pressing home the Viking theme and allowing gamers, embodying Jarls (Viking chiefs), to feel like they have full control over building their city. This element of control is present right from the start, with gamers asked to name themselves early on in the gameplay.

Like many other MMOs, as this video walkthrough demonstrates, this one has an initial run-through to help ease you into the game, but it’s certainly not complicated: this is a simple game you can access via your browser and get playing straightaway with minimal fuss.

As well as being relatively easy to play, one advantage Vikings: War of Clans has over certain other strategy games is that there are a range of different ways in which to enjoy the game. So, whilst you can be the bloodthirsty Viking destroying rival cities (after, of course, training your slayers and mercenaries), you can also focus your efforts away from the aggressive side by being resource-rich and making sure that your city is well placed to defend against attacks.

The game also offers some protection to newbies as it doesn’t let your city be devastated shortly after starting the game. Users can’t attack the town of a Jarl whose palace is below level 6, with resources unable to be earned for decimating a town of this size. This allows newcomers time to build up arms by training and building as many slayers and troops as they wish. More importantly, you don’t risk reaching that point where you feel like you understand the game only to see your progress wiped out after investing your precious time.

Overall, with stand-out graphics, an easy to use interface, and an enjoyable addictive quality, this strategy game has serious potential for those new to MMO games and MMO veterans.


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