Picklock Game Sneaks to Nintendo Switch

Picklock, highly acclaimed by gamers, gripping robbery stealth-adventure is out on Switch. Abandon your honest life and shamelessly steal from your neighbors’ houses. Remember to put aside your moral code in the process. Entered a children’s room and found a collector’s doll? Don’t overthink it, just grab it! Your goal is to continually develop your burglar’s skills and become as sophisticated in your crimes as possible, and, of course…rich!

Break-in, steal, and deceive your way to a luxurious existence. At each level, you will face a new challenge. Your targets will range from a roll of toilet paper at your neighbors’ house to exclusive art, electronics, and cold, hard cash. And even though you know your stuff, you’ll have to deal with security, alarms, and sealed, secret compartments.

Visit the game’s store page on the Nintendo eShop and buy Picklock now to get it 20% off, or even 50% cheaper if you’re the owner of other No Gravity Games’ titles!

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