Paradox Interactive’s Space Trash Scavenger Launched in Steam Early Access

Paradox Interactive and SquarePlay Games have announced the launch of Space Trash Scavenger in Early Access on Steam. Space Trash Scavenger is a third-person interstellar survival sandbox game set in a procedurally generated zero-gravity world, where players must scavenge resources, craft equipment, and trade their way back home. It is available in Early Access on Steam for $19.99.

In Space Trash Scavenger, players are employed by the megacorporation ScavCorp to retrieve a wide range of resources from space debris, abandoned outposts, and spaceship wrecks, refining them at their space rig. Within this base, they can upgrade their equipment, produce their own food and fuel, while also preparing to defend against roaming alien threats that may come knocking at their door. Space Trash Scavenger is set in a vast procedurally generated spatial open world, inviting players to explore deeper and deeper into the cosmos.

“With local micro-gravity, toybox-sized procedural asteroid fields and a dynamic economy, we tried to bring something new to the survival genre. We’ll be listening to players on where to take the game during Early Access,” says developer Alastair McQueen of SquarePlay Games.

“Space Trash Scavenger is a unique game with an exceptional tone, just waiting to be played and supported by its community. This Early Access phase offers the perfect opportunity to build upon the strong foundations established by the talented team at SquarePlay Games,” declared Ross Kaminskyi, executive producer at Paradox Arc.

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