Paradox Interactive Founds Book Publishing Division

Paradox Interactive, the global PC strategy games publisher behind critically acclaimed games Crusader Kings II, War of the Roses and Magicka, today announced they are branching out to book publishing with a new e-book initiative called “Paradox Books.”

‘We’ve spent more than a decade creating and telling compelling stories through our computer games, stories that have engaged and captivated people from all parts of the globe, and books are just another medium to get those stories out there and engage with our audience,’ said Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive. ‘Add to that the fact that our company was founded on pen and paper role-playing games and books, and that we have several published authors amongst our ranks here at Paradox, so this felt like a very natural progression for us.’

Three books will be available under Paradox Books initially, and several more have been signed and will be distributed later in the year. The books will broach everything from biographical behind the scenes books to game strategy guides to fiction and novels. The inaugural round of books to be made available will include: “A Year with Mojang: Behind the Scenes of Minecraft”

Author: Tomas Arnroth

Type: Behind the scenes, Biography

With over 20 million copies of Minecraft sold, the book that brings you behind the scenes with Markus “Notch” Persson, the creator behind the wildly successful game, and his studio Mojang is finally out.

Seasoned Swedish gaming journalist, Thomas Arnroth, spent 2012 following Markus Persson, Jens Bergensten, Carl Manneh and the others at Mojang and the result is a personal and entertaining account of the phenomenon Minecraft, its creators and the games that are changing the world.

“The Communist Campaign in Karelia – A Hearts of Iron III Strategy Guide”

Author: Jason Pitruzzello

Type: Narrative Strategy Guide

This Narrative Strategy Guide for Hearts of Iron III follows the tradition of Paradox’s community of fans and teaches gameplay while telling a story, rather than a dry recitation of facts and figures. Instead of just lightly touching upon all topics, the guide has focused on the most important aspect of the game: land combat. Since land combat is so critical to the national survival of France, Germany, the Soviet Union, China, and Japan, this is the most crucial skill to master in the game. World War II is not very forgiving to any nation that cannot find victory on land. This Narrative Strategy Guide is the perfect complement to new and seasoned armchair generals alike.


Author: Mattias Lilja

Type:Hard-boiled Crime Noir

The orbital station Coriolis is at the crossroads of space and everything good, bad and ugly in the Third Horizon sooner or later ends up here. It’s here that a young pathfinder comes to seek the father she’s never meet. It’s where a courtesan realizes he cannot escape the sins of his past, and where a crooked guardsman finds out how hard it is to get dirt off his fingers by washing them in blood. The fates of these three get intertwined as old enemies seek new ways to hurt each other. And, as so often before on Coriolis, it all starts with a corpse.

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