Orbit To Hit PlayStation Network in December

We have lift off! Laughing Jackal’s latest PlayStation minis title, Orbit, will launch on the 6th December in North America and the 7th December in Europe for PlayStation Plus members who will be able to pick it up for free for two weeks, after which it will go on general release for the low, low price of £2.49 / $3.49.

The Space Program is in peril now that there’s NO MONEY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!! But that won’t stop two scientists from taking on the death defying Orbit project, a no-budget exploration of our solar system.

Dodge through asteroid fields and avoid nasty enemies intent on stealing cash, fuel, or just throwing slime in your eyes!

By collecting the money mysteriously floating in orbit around the planets, you’ll give the project a cash boost, upgrading shonky systems and gaining new ships to move beyond the Moon – from Mercury to Uranus – as never before!

Orbit’s research menu features almost 200 unique upgrades, plus there are hidden relics and blueprints to find, stat tracking, and 12 challenging medals to earn.

The launch pad is all set. Are you ready to get into Orbit?

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