Operation Flashpoint Contest Begins

Codemasters has teamed up with Intel to launch an exclusive contest for Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising by giving players the opportunity to create their own individualized mission while competing for a high powered OFP:DR branded desktop.

Using the Mission Creator available on the PC version of the game, participants are challenged to create an engaging co-op or single player mission for OFP:DR. Once the original mission has been completed, the designers can register and share their creations with the community located at http://www.intelofpdrcontest.com/en/.

Players have until November 29th to submit the mission using the Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising mission editor. The community will then rate each submission, with the 12 top rated submissions sent to a panel of judges for final review. These judges, composed of staff from Codemasters, Intel, Games Fed and Turtle Entertainment, will then test and rate the missions to determine the contest winners by January 4, 2010.

One Grand Prize winner will receive a Limited Edition Design by Invasion Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising desktop PC equipped with Intel Corei7-960 processor. Other participants will receive OFP: DR branded collateral items, Codemasters games or IntelCorei7-860 processors.

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