Open World Project Genom MMORPG Launches

The Neuronhaze company is happy to announce that the Project Genom online game is one of the first MMORPGs developed on Unreal Engine 4 with an open world system. Starting today, all owners of Early Access can enjoy a seamless world, with no loading screens interrupting your journey. As the release date approaches, we continue to work on our project. The game world has already been expanded 16 times, while the character leveling system is also undergoing significant changes.

The new leveling system is based on the changes of your character’s internal organs. There are 3 options to choose from: to develop regular organs and remain human; to replace them with implants and gradually turn into a synthetic; or to undergo genetic modifications and become a mutant. The leveling of a character will work follows:

  • Every organ system opens access to active and passive skills for a human, a mutant or a synthetic. But to get these skills, a player needs to invest certain points.
  • These points are accumulated when installing a particular implant that a player will be able to develop and replace, gaining more points and, thus, more skills.
  • Besides, there will be diseases in the game. When traveling around the world, every player may catch a disease. It affects an organ and begins to gradually block active and passive skills dependent on this organ, putting different effects on a character. If you can’t find a cure, the disease will progress, affecting more organs, which can eventually destroy the whole organism.

Welcome to the future! Whether it’s a bright or a dark one is up to you to decide. Visit the main site to begin playing.

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