Fast Paced Sci-fi Adventure With The Lost Voyager

The Lost Voyager
A.C. Hadfield

Hi everyone, this week I’m covering the second entry in the Carson Mach Adventure series! It’s time to scour space for The Lost Voyager by A.C. Hadfield!

Plot Synopsis: Carson Mach, a freelance rogue captain, and his crew are faced with a seemingly routine mission to find and rescue the Voyager, a missing mining ship in a remote system. Only he and his employers know what the lost ship carries in its cargo hold and the devastating consequences if it falls into the wrong hands.

LostVoyagerINSIDEPlot: The plot is just as fast paced as the previous entry, which is to the benefit of the book. That being said I do wish we got viewpoints from Morgan this time around, although I completely understand why that will probably not happen again.

Characters: The crew we met in The Atlantis Ship is pretty much the same, and Carson Mach’s ragtag bunch of mercenaries is great fun to listen to. However like I mentioned above I wish we got some time with Morgan. Of all the newcomers Felix is probably my favorite.

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Overall: An excellent sequel, and while technically standalone; The Lost Voyager should be enjoyed after reading/listening to the previous book.

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