Online Hobbies All Gamers Will Enjoy

Gaming is a hobby that billions of people enjoy all over the world. But sometimes, gamers want to diversify into new hobbies. They want something that allows them to use their skillset in a different way.

There are many online hobbies that go beyond gaming. In some cases, a hobby can even make you a better gamer. If you’re an avid gamer searching for a new hobby, here are some ideas.

Online Casinos

Playing an online casino game is not that different from playing a video game. Your goal is to learn the best strategy to beat the house. Gamers already have an advantage over non-gamers because many of the skills they already have can be applied to winning at an online casino.

Platforms like Pulsz come with a vast array of titles, including slots, blackjack, and poker. The reason why online gamers love casinos is that they can turn their hobby into a viable income stream to fund their next purchase.

With so many online casinos to choose from, it’s worth doing your research, as every casino will offer a slightly different gaming experience.


Learning to code is an ideal hobby for any gamer because every single game in the world is powered by code.

For example, Minecraft runs entirely off Java. Popular languages like C++ and C# are the basis of the Unity cross-platform game engine. The link between gaming and coding is strong.

If you have any interest in how your favorite game works, it’s natural that you would want to learn to code. There are lots of free resources online, so you can get started without any major monetary investment. And if you discover that you have a talent for coding, it could even become your new career.

3D Modeling

Code is only one part of what makes a great game. The incredible graphics and memorable characters that define a title originate from 3D models.

If you’re wowed by the amazing worlds that developers create, 3D modeling could be your next big hobby. Learning 3D modeling through the Autodesk Maya application, the industry standard, can allow you to create your own immersive worlds.

3D modeling doesn’t only include the characters you see but the finishing touches that take games to that next level. Everything from legendary swords to basic potion bottles all come from 3D modeling.


Monetization has become the latest focus among gamers. Rather than playing exclusively for bragging rights, gamers want to turn their pastime into an income stream.

Roblox monetization is how indie developers leverage their games to make money. Players pay for special items and features that enhance their gaming experience. Some industry insiders believe that we are currently in a golden age for new talent, purely due to the fact that Roblox offers an alternative way into the industry.

The best part about Roblox is you don’t need years of experience within the industry to become a developer. You can use their in-game systems to earn Robux, which can be converted into real cash.


The phenomenon of Let’s Play channels and walkthroughs has meant even many non-gamers now tune in to YouTube to watch a big personality play a game.

While it is more difficult to become a success on YouTube due to the sheer amount of competition, it’s a great hobby because it allows you to build a brand. So turn on your camera, grab a decent microphone, and chat away as you take on the latest releases.

Work on strategies to build up your subscriber base. You don’t need millions of followers to earn a few dollars from YouTube.

Remember, it will take time to get your channel noticed. While you’ll certainly need originality and a unique personality to go viral, success requires persistence and consistency over everything else.

Launch your channel with a view to having fun, rather than obsessing over the number of subscribers you have

If you’re interested in a future career in marketing, it’s a great way to show your skills. Make a name for yourself, and developers may even offer you beta access to their upcoming releases.


Gamers already have more skills than they might realize to enable them to transition into new hobbies and careers. Whether you’re hoping to become an active part of the gaming industry or you just want to try something different, there are countless online hobbies you can take up.

Try a few new things and figure out what appeals to you. With so many free resources and platforms available, diversifying you interests need not be expensive.

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