Okinawa Rush Gets Free Demo on Steam

Fasten your kimono, pull up a comfortable chair, and get ready to immerse yourself in the nostalgia of beating up the bad guys spending hours learning combos, and mastering each stage. After its successful 2017 Kickstarter conquered the hearts of fans, Okinawa Rush is finally here with a breathtakingly beautiful demo. Fight using swords, nunchakus, bo staffs, or simply with your fists, and battle through carefully crafted pixel-art environments. Take advantage of the fast, fluid combat system and combo, juggle and parry your way through hordes of enemies. Master the game, upload your high score, and reach the top of the scoreboard!

Play the demo on Steam and if you’ll enjoy it, consider voting for the game on Digital Dragon’s Indie Celebration competition. Fight to gain the top spot on our online scoreboard!

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