Ochirware debuts Gold Frog

OCHIRWARE Company is excited to announce the release of version 1.0 of
Gold Frog, a unique arcade game/simulator for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, immediately available for $20.00 (USD). In this unconventional "easy living" arcade game your objective is to save an endangered species of Gold Frog from extinction by feeding it on various butterflies, dragon-flies, beetles and flies. With every lucky catch the player is awarded with several points and the frog’s life goes on.

Gold Frog v. 1.0 is a unique arcade game/simulator allowing players to observe the secret world of animals and insects from within and even become a part of it. The player must save the Gold Frog from extinction by guiding it in such a way so as to catch more insects. With an easy-to-use control system, the Gold Frog will be able to turn left and right, turn around at a jump and catch insects with its tongue. To keep the frog’s life going, you have to constantly catch insects otherwise the frog will soon get an article in the Red Book. Players may devitalize the frog if they allow too many fussy misses so choose a target insect, accurately estimate its movement and finally catch it with a tongue. A lively 3D world of tropical jungles and realistic character’s look and behavior will give players the most vivid and in-depth game experience.

The most distinctive features of Gold Frog v. 1.0 are as follows:

– Two original game scenarios with over 100 levels to play;

– Five types of insects each with its distinctive behavior;

– Clear and beautiful graphics with realistic 3D environments;

– Amusing and non-violent gameplay;

– Incredible nature sound effects;

– and smooth game controls.

According to Leo Rudov, the head programmer of Ochirware "We have tried to create the game with the focus on the reality of characters and their behavior."

Al Qwell, professor of Information Science and godfather of the original "easy living" game genre comments on the game "In creating "easy living"
games the main emphasis is put on the reality of the game. Gold Frog fits this idea well – it features realistic nature surroundings, authentic sound effects and, of course, life-like characters. All this recreates the atmosphere of tropical jungles in stunning details. They
use some principles of movie montage in creating the program cast. I believe it enhances positive psychic effect of the gameplay on players and makes the plotline coherent and uninterrupted. Play Gold Frog and you can relieve stress and improve your vitality!"

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