NVIDIA and Aplix To Improve Phone Games

NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), the worldwide leader in programmable graphics processor technologies today announced that it has signed a cross-licensing agreement with Aplix Corporation (TSE: 3727), the global leader in deploying Java technology in mobile phones, to closely cooperate to optimize handheld Java graphics solutions for mobile content providers, carriers and OEMs.

Aplix will integrate its JBlend Java platform with NVIDIA GoForce handheld GPUs and JSR solutions from Hybrid and third-party partners to provide optimal Java and graphics performance for mobile devices. NVIDIA will distribute this complete Java graphics solution to its network of mobile content developers and both companies will promote the jointly developed package to OEM customers. The cooperative agreement covers M3G – Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME (JSR 184), Java bindings to OpenGL ES (JSR 239) and Java bindings to SVG for scalable vector graphics (JSR 226).

"Java is vital to the handheld software infrastructure and this agreement enables NVIDIA to integrate our handheld GPUs with one of the most respected Java solutions in the industry to provide out-of-the-box Java graphics performance and reliability for mobile developers," said Neil Trevett, vice president of embedded content at NVIDIA. "As NVIDIA continues to expand its ecosystem of software partners, we look forward to working closely with Aplix to deliver highly-optimized, turnkey Java graphics solutions for both OEMs and carriers."

"Our customers are requesting highly optimized development environments that tightly integrate software and hardware elements of the handheld media stack into a single solution. They require this without compromising performance or development time," said Wesley Kuo, President and CSO at Aplix Corporation. "The combination of JBlend with NVIDIA's handheld graphics technology delivers on these requirements. This close cooperation will help us deliver the best possible Java graphics performance to our customers."

The agreement followed NVIDIA's acquisition of Finland-based Hybrid Graphics, the leading developer of embedded 2D and 3D graphics software for handheld devices.

"This agreement is very synergistic with the Hybrid acquisition as NVIDIA now has in-house Java graphics JSR technology that integrates seamlessly with JBlend," continued Trevett. "Additionally, this agreement covers integrating NVIDIA GPUs with JSR 184 solutions from third-party Java software providers, such as HI Corporation's Mascot Capsule and Superscape's Swerve engine. We will continue to work closely with these valued partners to ensure NVIDIA can provide the JSR solutions of choice to our OEM customers."

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