Nexon 2022 Developers Conference Commences

NEXON, a global leader in Virtual Worlds, today announced that the Nexon Developers Conference 2022 (NDC22), Korea’s largest game-industry knowledge-sharing conference is now open and available to viewers on the NDC website and YouTube channel.

The NDC22 is now available to viewers without registration until the conference ends on June 10. Viewers can engage in a total of 60 sessions on a wide range of topics related to game development including: Metaverse & NFT, data analysis, programming and more.

Owen Mahoney, Nexon President and CEO, kicked off the conference with a talk encouraging game developers to take risks and overcome the obstacles to innovation. “The way forward is to push through the challenges of innovation – the loneliness, the fear of criticism and failure – to create a work of interactive entertainment that makes the world a better place.”

At the NDC, game developers will talk about their experience and breakthrough on new games and games in development including Nexon’s WARS OF PRASIA, KartRider: Drift, PROJECT MAGNUM, Shift-up’s Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, and Thy Creature from Growing seeds.

The speakers from major game companies including NCSOFT, Epic Games Korea, Electronic Arts, DEVSISTERS, Wonder People, and Embark Studios will present a wide range of sessions from the latest technologies to expertise in the career growth and development in the industry.

The Nexon Developer Conference (NDC) started as a private in-house event in 2007 and turned into an open conference in 2011. The conference has become one of the largest knowledge-sharing places in the game industry with 240,000 cumulative visitors. Today, more than 1,200 experts have given approximately 1,000 sessions, passionately sharing game knowledge and their experiences.

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