Extraction Enters Closed Beta

Nexon America has announced that the start of the closed beta period for Extraction, the all-new multiplayer online first-person shooter developed by award-winning multiplayer studio, Splash Damage, will begin on Oct. 1. Registration started recently, and interested players can sign-up for closed beta testing at www.extractiongame.com. Limited openings will be available and notifications will be sent to chosen players by Oct. 1, when the closed beta period begins. Developers: Nexon Platforms: PC

Shattered Galaxy Breaks the Mold

When I originally heard about the ambitious real-time strategy project from Nexon called Shattered Galaxy, where they would create a massively multiplayer world of perpetual war, I was a bit skeptical. I had visions of one giant tank rush and of overlord players running around stomping every new person to strap on their combat boots. To say I was pleasantly surprised is putting it mildly. Far from the frag-fest I was expecting, Shattered Galaxy actually shows more strategic prowess than most turn-based games. It’s a different type of strategy however than most are used to. You control between six and … Continue reading Shattered Galaxy Breaks the Mold