New Towards The Pantheon 2D RPG Gets Trailer, Steam Page

Towards The Pantheon is a 2D top down role playing game by lead developer Connor O.R.T. Linning and pixel artist Leandro Tokarevski that follows four unlikely heroes as they venture through dangerous worlds and suffer great hardships in order to defeat the source of The Sworn Light at The Pantheon.

Gone are the RPG clichés of potions, wars between elemental gods, and plots about youngsters who accidentally stumble upon a magic power that allows them to save the world. Instead Towards The Pantheon is a unique and unusual game starring Freyja the warrior, Bam the cat, Mishima the electropunk, and Phenez the ghost on their simultaneously lighthearted, fun, dark, and painful journey.

Towards The Pantheon will have you speeding through dark caves in minecarts, shopping with Famallamas, riding Speedsters, hacking computers, listening in on conversations around the campfire, and much more! While drawing inspiration from a variety of classics from the RPG, Adventure, and Survival Horror genres, Towards The Pantheon is an ambitious game that is unafraid of breaking conventions in order to offer a unique and refreshing experience.

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