New iOS Game Will Turn User Photos Into Games

PAN Vision and Fabrication Games today revealed game details and a video trailer for Piclings, an upcoming platformer for iOS that allows players to take pictures of their surroundings and transform them into playable levels. Piclings is the first game where players can bring photos to life by turning an interesting building, unique cloud formation or work of art into a game populated by adorable Piclings, and baddies protecting treasures invisible to the naked human eye.

Piclings analyzes photos and uses Canny edge detection technology to turn ledges, floors and walls into an in-game level. Artistically inclined gamers can draw levels and convert their designs into a game, or add even more structures and challenges by using the built-in Level Editor. Level creations may then be shared with friends using the device’s email client, while Game Center integration completes the experience by adding achievements and a global high scores list.

Players will guide their very own Picling named Picazzo, a cute creature resembling a cross between a fruit and a toad, by placing a finger anywhere on the screen and creating an invisible joystick to make it run and hover like a helicopter using the leaf propeller sprouting from its head. Collect coins to proceed to the next level while picking up special power-up items to help Picazzo in its quest for discovering goodies. Plenty of spiny baddies called Huffies and Puffies will be on guard, ready to prevent Picazzo from collecting the various treasures to be found in the world.

Piclings will be available as a universal app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in early May on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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