New DLC Takes You Outside The Law

Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and a local fire hazard monitor, today ignited the latest free content update for War of the Roses, the medieval squad combat title from Fatshark. The new update, titled ‘Outside the Law,’ adds a new map, new weaponry, and new armor to the brutal warfare of War of the Roses, as well as a new method of attack for both Lancastrian and Yorkist archers: fire arrows, capable of igniting a foe from across the battlefield.

‘Outside the Law’ takes the ongoing war to Greenwood, an all-new forest map whose lush greenery will be spattered with red as armies fight across its hills and valleys, dodging fallen trees and abandoned tent camps. The fire arrows will fly relentlessly from both sides, especially with two new bows available for archers, the Elm Self Bow and the Yew Self Bow.

Hand-to-hand combatants will have to stay moving in order to dodge the fiery volleys, and strike back with new weapons including the Woodsman’s Axe, Headsman’s Axe, Shillelagh Mace, and Quarterstaff. Failing that, they will at least have access to new armor pieces such as the Bycocket Hat to keep them alive.


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