Metroidvania Platformer Doomblade Jumps to PC

Developer Muro Studios and publisher Iceberg Interactive are ecstatic to announce that their atmospheric Fly and Slash 2D Metroidvania Doomblade has released on Steam and other digital platforms. In this fast, addictive and challenging Metroidvania, players take on the role of Gloom Girl, the last of the Gloomfolk, who discovers Doomblade, a sentient weapon hellbent on escape, having spent eons in chains.

The new and disruptive fly-attack movement system allows Gloom Girl to continue dashing through the air as long as she keeps attacking. Players will need quick reflexes and razor-sharp precision to master the game.

Developed by the Finnish two-man team Muro Studios, the expansive world of Doomblade was perfected over five years. Its creators poured their love and talent into every nook and cranny of the vast Doomblade universe. Genre-typical, there are many power-ups and secrets to be found in this massive world, spanning seven interconnected and distinct biomes.

With Doomblade and his powers, Gloom and Doom make their way to free the Lowlands and exact revenge against the Dread Lords. The level and enemy encounters are designed with fast-paced movement in mind. A soundtrack by Brian Skeel will surely get your blood pumping and set the mood for some serious Fly and Slash action.

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