Medieval GTA-Like Rustler Releases Free Prologue

In Rustler: Prologue, enjoy the first three missions of Rustler enriched with additional minigames. And once you master your cutthroat skills, continue your adventure freely roaming the game’s world, looking for beers to drink, women to seduce, and guards to punch.

You can download Rustler: Prologue for free from Steam and wishlist the full version of the game in Valve’s store as well.

Rustler: Prologue includes the first three missions of Rustler, with additional minigames and the free-play mode from the full game. It’s a short, standalone game with its own beginning and end. Play as a poor peasant and climb up the ranks of the feudal hierarchy.

Rustler: Prologue Main Features

• Get a glimpse of the absurd story.
• Train yourself in combat to prepare for fighting in the full game.
• Forget all your history knowledge and dive into times that never existed.
• Try to pick up all the pop culture references.
• Ride ultra-fast horses.
• Throw poop at guards.

With the support of Games Operators, the game’s publisher, Jutsu Games plan to update the Rustler: Prologue alongside updating the main game right up until launch.

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