Matrix Launches Supremacy

Supremacy: Four Paths to Power ( by Black Hammer ( is officially ready for sale from the Matrix Games website ( Supremacy offers an addictive sci-fi turn based strategy experience like none other as you battle for universal supremacy on land and in space! The game will be available for $24.99 for digital download and $34.99 for the CD version.

Supremacy: Four Paths to Power is the ultimate test of survival for sci-fi strategists. Begin with a planet, a ship and a plan. The galaxy is stretched out before you, but you are not alone. The path to Supremacy is a puzzle with many pieces, from espionage and economic growth to planetary invasions and fleet battles. Play as one of four unique commanders, each with distinctive starships, ground units, abilities and strategies.

David Heath, Director of Operations at Matrix Games said, "We are proud to once again bring the sci-fi genre a new title. An often overlooked market, the throngs of supportive fans make this one of the most fun genres in which to develop and publish. We know that our fans will have fun playing Supremacy and we thank Black Hammer Game for creating it!"

Enjoy over 45 unique units including suicide bombers, flamethrowers, and massive mechs. The adaptive AI will provide endless challenges for all skill levels and the unique resource management and economic system will provide endless replay value. If you grow tired of the AI, hop online and challenge players in multiplayer mode. Watch your back as you grow an expand, from both your primary enemy and space pirates that abound in the infinite reaches. The in-game help system will have you up and running as commander in chief of your planet's army in no time, but mastering this game may take a little bit of work (and a whole lot of fun!).

For more information on Supremacy: Four Paths to Power, check the main Matrix Games page at for future press releases and discussions or the main Supremacy site at

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