Magnum Games To Launch With Shooter

Magnum Games is exploding into the PC gaming arena with their premier CD-ROM title, Beyond The Law: The Third Wave. A squad-based, strategy shooter, in Beyond the Law: The Third Wave the player commands a covert team of specialists to stop a renegade criminal element intent on destroying the United States of America. In this world corruption is rampant, the police have been bought, and terror reigns – an elite force with authority beyond the law becomes the last line of defense. This mob must be stopped before our nation’s capital is destroyed in a nuclear attack.

CEO, Carlo Voelker expressed enthusiasm for the new brand saying, “Magnum Games is poised to become a force in the PC gaming market. We are confident that our first title, The Third Wave, will put us on the map with both gamers and retailers.”

Beyond the Law: The Third Wave will ship to retailers across North America March 29, 2004.

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