LOTRO Book 11 – Player Housing – Launches

Turbine, Inc. and Codemasters Online Gaming announced that Book 11: Defenders of Eriador, the third free content update for subscribers to The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, went live today in North America. Book 11 continues the epic story of The Lord of the Rings Online by adding over 100 new quests, a new 12-player raid, two new areas in Middle-earth and introducing the player housing system.

The Lord of the Rings Online delivers an interactive experience brimming with life and filled with the familiar people, places and monsters from the most beloved fantasy adventure of all time. From the quaint surroundings of the Shire to Angmar, the vile kingdom of the Witch-king, players will experience the world of Middle-earth as never before. The Lord of the Rings Online is available for purchase at major retailers across North America and Europe. For more information, or to download a free trial, visit www.lotro.com

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