Lineage Still Going Strong

NCsoft today announced Lineage II, with more than 14 million customers worldwide, has reached 100,000 active players in North America and Europe. The title started as a cult favorite of many massively multiplayer online (MMO) gamers in North America and Europe and continues its success as the premiere player-versus-player (PvP) online role playing game for the elite PvP player.

Lineage II was launched in North America in 2004 as a modest success. The game has since built itself into one of the top MMOs in the western markets, with a 25 percent growth rate in 2006. NCsoft credits the growth of the game to regular updates and free expansions to the product, and delivering features requested by players. Additionally, NCsoft has implemented aggressive policies to eliminate activities like "botting" and "farming" which give some players unfair advantages over legitimate players.

"This is a great franchise that has dominated Asia and now we are seeing very positive growth in North America and Europe," said Robert Garriott, CEO for NCsoft North America. "This game took a little time to find its audience because it is such a rich, tough and complex world. It is not a game for the faint of heart, but we worked to adjust the game to fit our customers and we're seeing more players view it as the pinnacle of MMO gaming. More and more players are joining in and staying with Lineage II, making it one of the top MMOs in North America and Europe, as well as in the world."

Lineage II: The Epic Collection is available at North American retailers and at the PlayNC online store for an estimated street price of US$29.99.

The game is rated Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

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