Legendary Eleven Classic Soccer Game Coming To Xbox One

This old school arcade football (soccer) game from Eclipse Games is currently available on pre-order for the Xbox One with a release date of January the 4th, 2019.

Legendary Eleven is an epic arcade football (soccer) game inspired by the golden age of football spanning the 70’s to the 90’s.

This is a fresh approach to the beautiful game, with fluid gameplay and unique mechanics. Develop astonishing plays and keep the possession of the ball to perform unstoppable Super Shots. Gamble with sliding tackles to steal the ball without the referee whistling for a foul. Trust in your fans to support you if you’re losing, or use special trading stickers to boost the stats in your team. Legendary Eleven is all this and more, an over the top, fun and very accessible football game set during the retro World Cups that made history and inspired generations of players and fans.

Legendary Eleven is scheduled for release on Xbox One on January the 4th, 2019. The game is also available on Switch and PC (Steam). We’re currently working on porting the game to PS4 and are aiming for a March release on that platform.

Game features:
• 40+ national teams to choose from.
• 5 cups to finish in single player and ‘Legendary Matches’ game mode where you get to re-live or change historic football games of past World Cups.
• 32 stickers to unlock that can be used to boost your team stats
• Arcade style football game inspired by classics from the 80s and 90s such as Super SideKicks, Nintendo World Cup, or even the early ISS Pro games
• A morale system that varies with team and player specific items
• Added depth in gameplay by adding wall passes, through passes, crosses, strategies and our own Super Shots
• Local multiplayer for up to 2 players
• Online multiplayer for up to 2 players (through invite only)

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