Kutoka Announces New Kids Game

Kutoka Interactive, producer of the award-winning Mia edutainment software series, announces the launch of Didi & Ditto Kindergarten, the first installment in its new grade-based series. The title stars two zany beavers and grabs and holds children's attention with fun activities related to math, literacy, music, logic, creativity and memory.

Didi & Ditto Kindergarten continues the Mia series' tradition of high-quality production values: engaging characters, unique and distinctive graphics, feature-film quality animation and solid educational content that builds on the basic classroom curriculum.

Each title in the Didi & Ditto series covers multiple subjects at a single grade level and is designed to support and reinforce what children are learning at school. With a choice of three difficulty levels offered at the start of each game, the CD-ROMs have a great deal of replayability and will make any child a busy (learning) beaver in no time. This first release, aimed at the kindergarten level, targets children ages four to six.

Children are motivated to play the educational activities in Didi & Ditto Kindergarten because the activities must be completed in order to gather what they need to finish the game. This reinforces as well as develops children's essential skills while they are having a great time playing. Children can play the game as a learning adventure but they also have the option to just choose specific skills to practice.

Didi and Ditto are part of a very special, wacky world where spiral trees, humorous characters and purple wolves abound. A special feature of the title is that children can play the game as either the female character (Didi) or the male character (Ditto). The story begins when our beavers' curiosity has them running quickly through the forest, causing one of them to get caught by Zolt the Wolf. Zolt is a vegetarian and would much rather eat veggies than a beaver… if he has the choice. So now it is up to the player to gather enough food to free the trapped beaver!

"Our company is dedicated to creating and producing quality edutainment titles for children. We are proud to say that Didi & Ditto Kindergarten has exceeded our expectations. Children will enjoy every aspect of this title and not even realize that they are learning," said Richard Vincent, Kutoka’s CEO and Creative Director.

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