Kooky Puzzle Platformer Ghost Sweeper Busting to Xbox One

Indie games publisher Total Console and developer 7 Raven Studios’ today announced that its cartoony puzzle-platformer Ghost Sweeper is coming to Xbox One on April 28th for $4.99, hot off the heels of its recent Switch release. Get ready to vanquish spooky spectres in the most spectacular way possible!

Set in a cartoonish fantasy land that’s one part Scooby-Doo and one part Army of Darkness, Ghost Sweeper tasks players with ridding the land of Halloween-themed horrors upon the Dark Lord’s resurrection. Players assume the role of a Ghost Sweeper, noble warriors armed with specialized weaponry that lets them create and destroy blocks, as well as suck up any supernatural spirits roaming the lands. Ghost Sweeper hearkens back to the days of classic puzzle platformers like Solomon’s Key, with plenty of secrets to uncover and open-ended gameplay that lets players reshape the architecture of a level as they see fit.

Venture through more than eight different worlds teeming with secrets. Explore dark forests and the Evil Lord’s lair. Face off against bloated ghosts, laughing pumpkins, creaking skeletons and many other strange creatures of the night. Use your agility and speed to tackle your enemy or plan the perfect strategy to avoid confrontation. It’s entirely up to you!

Choose between different Ghost Sweepers with their unique abilities. Scrounge around for secret stages and treasure to unlock useful items in the shop and uncover bonus levels. Are you smart and skilled enough to defeat the Dark Lord… and maybe steal all his gold!?

“Ghost Sweeper has been a labor of love for us,” said said Nrupesh Gajjar of Total Console. “We got our start making games as far back as the Commodore 64 era, and have always had a soft spot for 80s puzzle games. Ghost Sweeper takes that design, but applies it with a modern coat of paint to create something that will appeal to gamers of all ages.”

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