Jagex Launches New Web Page For RuneScape MMO

Jagex has today unveiled a new website and logo for the RuneScape MMO at www.runescape.com. The MMO has been hailed as one of the most popular F2P MMOs, with 10 million active accounts per month, over 156 million registered accounts, and is recognized by Guinness World Records. Along with a new look, the new site includes the RuneScape Wiki, which comprises all material that used to be part of the manual, and is now community-editable.

There is also an events section devoted to the organization and advertisement of in-game fan happenings. The Jagex Community Engagement team, clans and individual members of the community can put up details on their events feed and place a location with a pin into the events map to direct prospective attendees.

Finally, the new site also includes news, media and social networking activity feeds.


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