Iron Throne Mobile MMO Introduces New Massive Battle Features

Netmarble Corporation, the fastest-growing mobile game company worldwide, today released two new game features for Iron Throne, its latest MMO strategy game on mobile devices: Blood Moon War and Continental Domination.

At the heart of this update is the Blood Moon War (Kingdom vs Kingdom). Lords of participating kingdoms will leave their own territory and engage in a week-long ‘Blood Moon’ battle. Each kingdom competes for points during the first three days through monster hunts, PvP, plundering resources and attacking strongholds. The kingdom with the highest score during the first three days of the Blood Moon will receive powerful buff effects during the remaining four days.

The Blood Moon War occurs every four weeks and users can participate at any time using the Blood Moon Teleport during that time period.

The update also includes a new battle feature called Continental Domination, a large-scale war where lords of all kingdoms compete to dominate the 48 cities. The top 24 alliances of Iron Throne will each become a separate empire and take on the role of an alliance leader in order to wage war against other empires.

Continental Domination opens for four hours a day over the course of three days, and the empire that occupies the most cities at the end of each day wins. The winner receives an enormous amount of gold, and all participating alliances and lords win a variety of rewards. This content was created to deliver an exciting battle experience, and users can enjoy the fun of battle without losing actual troops or resources.

This update also adds a third season of Town Mode, two new heroes and new monsters. Also, new content such as “war coins” which are a new in-game currency that can be acquired through the battle modes and rune enhancement have been added.

“We focused on providing a more fun battle experience to Iron Throne players with this update,” said Seungwon Lee, Chief Global Officer of Netmarble. “Through large-scale battle features differentiated from the existing ones, I believe our gamers will find the true pleasure of strategy gaming.”

Iron Throne is now available for iOS and Android platforms via Apple App Store and Google Play.

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