Iron Sky: Invasion Crashes Into Stores Across Europe

TopWare Interactive announced the on-shelf retail version release of the arcade space combat simulator Iron Sky: Invasion on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3. Simultaneously, the German Publisher is also releasing theIron Sky: Invasion Premium Edition for PC. The premium edition includes all released updates, in addition to the new DLC "The Second Fleet".

At the end of World War Two, a large contingent of Nazi troops escape from earth, making their way to the Moon. Thanks to the mysterious energy Helium 3, they survive, and begin building a new attack fleet, determined to one day return to earth as supreme conquerors. The movie Iron Sky tells the story of that fateful day, when the modern world must once again defend itself from the diabolical Nazis from the past.

Iron Sky: Invasion jumps right into the action, thrusting the player into the middle of an intense battle between the Nazi fleet and the denizens of earth. Players must take control of a variety of ships and hold the line as the Nazi forces attack earth, unleashing Reichsflugscheiben, the monstrous Space-Zeppelins, and their ultimate weapon ‘ The G’tterd’mmerung. The furious space battles are framed by a parallel storyline, told through brand new cut-scenes featuring original actors from the film.

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