TopWare Interactive Releases Iron Sky: Invasion

TopWare Interactive, alongside Reality Pump Studios announced today the release of its space combat simulator "Iron Sky: Invasion" for mobile platforms with the Android system, available for purchase in the Google Play Store. In addition to the full game, the Free version will give players a first look at the space dogfighting world of "Iron Sky: Invasion". Publishers: TopWare Interactive Developers: Reality Pump Platforms: Android

Iron Sky: Invasion Crashes Into Stores Across Europe

TopWare Interactive announced the on-shelf retail version release of the arcade space combat simulator Iron Sky: Invasion on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PlayStation 3. Simultaneously, the German Publisher is also releasing theIron Sky: Invasion Premium Edition for PC. The premium edition includes all released updates, in addition to the new DLC "The Second Fleet". At the end of World War Two, a large contingent of Nazi troops escape from earth, making their way to the Moon. Thanks to the mysterious energy Helium 3, they survive, and begin building a new attack fleet, … Continue reading Iron Sky: Invasion Crashes Into Stores Across Europe

Top Ware To Publish Pressure Steampunk Title

TopWare Interactive today announced it will publish developer Chasing Carrots’ new arcade racer, "Pressure". The game offers a mix of shooting and top-down racing in a colorful Steampunk setting. Players take control of a buggy that runs on steam power to speed through the tremendous levels of ‘Pressure’s’ vibrant, cartoonish world. The sinister Earl of Wellness is attempting to expand his exploitative empire of wellness spas, and must be stopped. The classic top-down view gives players full vantage of the race track, enemies, giant bosses, and vile tire-busting traps. The hero awakes to find the usually cool waters lake where … Continue reading Top Ware To Publish Pressure Steampunk Title

Planets Under Attack Battleplans Movie

TopWare Interactive proudly announces the new trailer for Planets under Attack, developed by the renowned team from Targem Games, the same team responsible for the groundbreaking chess simulator Battle vs Chess. Showing the basic mechanics of the game, the video gives a first glimpse of the classic easy to learn, hard to master gameplay. Alongside Humanity, the player must conquer the universe and unlock secret star routes leading them even deeper into a foreign galaxy. Facing not only insect-like Aliens, Space- Zombies and Robots, but also threatening boss planets and multiple challenges, the player must fight for survival in this … Continue reading Planets Under Attack Battleplans Movie

Iron Sky Game Being Created

Award winning multi-platinum selling, game developer, Reality Pump (Earth 2150, Two Worlds 2, etc.), is developing the official Iron Sky video game "Iron Sky: Invasion," which will release in November on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Iron Sky is a dark, comedic, science-fiction film about Moon Nazis invading earth, which premiered with huge fanfare earlier this year at the Berlin Film Festivals. Iron Sky soon became one of the most spoken-of independent films of the year, and is certain to reach cult classic status, in part, due to its brassy humor, classic satire, and amazing visual effects. "Iron Sky: … Continue reading Iron Sky Game Being Created

E3 Expo: TopWare Announces Sacrilegium Survival Horror

Now the cat is out of the bag: The German Publisher TopWare Interactive announced at E3 in Los Angeles that "Sacrilegium" will be the next title from the company owned developer – Reality Pump Studios. The in-house development team that’s responsible for creating many successful franchises such as the "Two Worlds" titles, or the acclaimed "Earth" series, is looking to revive and renew the survival horror genre in terms of story and atmosphere, as well as in the gameplay and level design, as they look to set the new standards. The story is about Alex, a 20-year Californian – smart, … Continue reading E3 Expo: TopWare Announces Sacrilegium Survival Horror

E3 Expo: TopWare Showing Off Lots Of Games

TopWare Interactive announces the lineup for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, focusing on the two potential blockbusters "Raven’s Cry" and the newest title from in-house developer Reality Pump. TopWare interactive shows previously unpublished photographs and videos for all the games and allows the first insight into the breathtaking worlds the year’s lineup. Raven’s Cry "Raven’s Cry" is an Action-Adventure title that is realized under the direction of TopWare Interactive and the Finnish Studio, Octane Games. The game traces in detail the revenge story of Christopher Raven during the 17th century. As a child, Raven had to watch … Continue reading E3 Expo: TopWare Showing Off Lots Of Games

TopWare’s Enclave: Shadows of Twilight Nearing Release

TopWare Interactive announced today the upcoming release of "Enclave – Shadows of Twilight" for the Nintendos Wii on May 22nd 2012. In cooperation with development team Dojodoo Enterprise, TopWare will be bringing the franchise to consoles for the first time. "Enclave – Shadows of Twilight" masterfully weaves the features of the award winning 2003 PC release with the unique gameplay possibilities posed by the Nintendo Wii console. The result is a modernization of the fan favorite which elevates the fantasy RPG experience of the Enclave series to heights never before reached! Innovative adaptations to the classic gameplay elements provide an … Continue reading TopWare’s Enclave: Shadows of Twilight Nearing Release

TopWare Releases Jump n Run

TopWare Interactive released the miscellaneous Jump´n Run "NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits" as a Retail-Version for PC and Mac. Beside the coherent Atmosphere and the Story, that plays ironically with the mystic world of the ancient Greece past, the Game scores with a challenging Gameplay and a lovely story about true friendship. The Game always puts the Player in new Situations, where he needs to adjust his Powers and has to use his surroundings to proceed to the end of the level. A highly interactive environment and real physics give room for a lot of different and challenging puzzles. Be it the … Continue reading TopWare Releases Jump n Run