Intellivision Lives Heads to GameCube

Time to dig out those parachute pants, 12-sided dice and Flock of Seagulls albums because the 80s invasion has finally hit the Nintendo GameCube with the release of Intellivision Lives! This addicting slice of video game nostalgia comes loaded with more than 60 of Intellivision's classic games all on one disc, including Astrosmash, Night Stalker, Shark! Shark! and Baseball.

Intellivision Productions, Inc., the company that popularized home video games in the 1980s, in association with Crave Entertainment and Realtime Associates, takes you back in time to when Members Only jackets were the rage, Duran Duran rode the radio waves and the Rubik's Cube was driving people crazy!

Intellivision Lives! places the gamer in a 360-degree 3-D pizza parlor environment called Hal's Pizza, circa 1982. Arcade machines, serving as an interface to the more than 60 games available, line the walls of the restaurant sporting different themes – space, sports, combat & sorcery, arcade, gaming, unreleased, and kids.

Other exciting features include the original Intellivision TV commercials, never-before-released games, "radical" game modes, and two exclusive historical documentaries featuring interviews with the Blue Sky Rangers, the name given to the original Intellivision game programmers. The pizza arcade also features a jukebox that plays music inspired by the Intellivision console and many of its games.

"We're excited to have Intellivision Lives! available for everyone," said Keith Robinson, president/co-founder of Intellivision Productions, Inc. and an original Blue Sky Ranger. "Now gamers can enjoy their favorite Intellivision games on the three most popular gaming consoles! Intellivision Lives! is more than just a game collection. With all these extra features, the games have taken on a new life for a new generation of video game players."

Intellivision Lives! was developed by Realtime Associates, the software firm founded by David Warhol, another Blue Sky Ranger. Realtime Associates produced all the original Intellivision games published by INTV Corp. in the mid- to late- 1980s. Intellivision co-founders Robinson and Stephen Roney were involved in each stage of development to ensure that the design and game emulation are faithful to the original Intellivision system.

Published and distributed by Crave Entertainment, Intellivision Lives! (MSRP $19.99) for the Nintendo GameCube will be available this fall through mass merchants and online retailers nationwide. Intellivision Lives! is also currently available on the Sony PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, and the Xbox video game system from Microsoft.

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